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‘The Last of Us’ lead Neil Druckmann becomes Naughty Dog co-president

Naughty Dog has a new co-president, and it’s the creative director behind some of its most popular titles. The company has announced that Neil Druckmann, who led the development for The Last of Us franchise as well as for Uncharted 4, has been promoted to co-president. Druckmann was a programmer and a designer before he was named as Vice President in March 2018 while The Last of Us Part II was still in development.

Since Druckmann is leaving his old position, the company has also promoted Alison Mori and Christian Gyrling to serve as co-vice presidents. Mori and Gyrling used to be Naughty Dog’s Director of Operations and Co-Director of Programming, respectively. On Twitter, the new president said he’ll still be directing and writing games despite the promotion while also mentoring the next wave of creators.

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