Friday, March 5, 2021
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Next Year You’ll Be Able to Use Microsoft Office Without a Subscription, Thank Goodness

Image: MicrosoftIf there’s one thing we could do without next year besides, well (gestures at everything), it’s subscription services. Peacock. Xbox...

Oracle Will Be U.S. TikTok’s ‘Technology Partner,’ Whatever That Means

After beating out Microsoft, Oracle could be getting ready to fly off into the sunset with U.S. TikTok.Photo: Scott Olson...
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You’re Vaccinated and People Want to Visit. Now What?

That matters for two reasons. First, it’s still possible that someone who’s been vaccinated could actually get sick—the risk is very slender, but...

Growth picks up backed by vaccine drive, low Covid numbers – Finance Ministry

Bolstered by the inoculation drive and mild stiffening of the Covid-19 curve, economic growth in the country has gathered pace, said the monthly...

Microsoft Windows 10

Windows is by far the...
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