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Stephen King Series Chapelwaite Reveals a Dismayed Adrien Brody

Stephen King TV Adaptation Chapelwaite Gets First Look

Family photo day did not go well.
Image: Chris Reardon/Epix

This. This is the look of a man who knows he has 10 long episodes of exponentially increasing horror ahead of him.

Chapelwaite, based on Stephen King’s short story “Jerusalem’s Lot” (there’s no apparent connection to King’s more famous novel Salem’s Lot), has released a first look at the series through a collection of pictures. Sometimes, like Charles Boone (Adrien Brody), the people in them look unspeakably bleak; sometimes, like his three children (Ian Ho, Jennifer Ens, and Sirena Gulamgaus) next to him, they look incredibly sad and upset. But sometimes, like journalist-turned-governess Rebecca Black (Schitt’s Creek’s Emily Hampshire), they’re just looking around:


Image: Chris Reardon/Epix

Often, people look at things while holding lanterns:


Image: Chris Reardon/Epix


Image: Chris Reardon/Epix


Image: Chris Reardon/Epix

If these pictures aren’t doing it for you, here’s a short trailer for the show which looks significantly creepier in action than in these stills.

Chapelwaite is about the 19th-century whaling captain and widower Charles Boone who comes to the New England town of Preacher’s Corners to reclaim his ancestral home. Of course, that home turns out to be full of dark family secrets and things that whisper unnervingly in the night, among other… things. It doesn’t help Charles is grief-stricken over his recently deceased wife, or that mental illness runs in the Boone family.

The 10-episode series doesn’t have a release date yet but is expected sometime this summer. Whenever it does, it’ll premiere on Epix.

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