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Samsung Galaxy S21 vs Apple iPhone 12: the weigh-in

The iPhone 12 gets surprising endurance out of a very modest 2,815mAh battery pack, delivering a solid full day of usage. But with 4,000mAh, we expect that the Galaxy S21 will feel noticeably more resilient. Both phones offer wireless charging, while the Galaxy S21 adds the ability to “reverse” wirelessly charge a compatible phone or accessory by placing it on the back of your phone.

You’ll find just 64GB in the base iPhone 12, with the option to pay for 128GB or 256GB models. Samsung’s phone ships with 128GB and you can pay extra for a 256GB option… but unlike the last several Galaxy S phones, there’s no microSD slot this time around. That means no expandable storage at all. But that’s the norm for iPhones, of course.

Neither phone comes with a wall charger, by the way. Apple made the first move last autumn, which Samsung mocked on social media… and then, in classic Samsung fashion, they’ve copied the decision. It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

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