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Ring’s Mailbox Sensor Lets You Know When You’ve Got Mail

While we can use tracking numbers to keep track of our deliveries, this doesn’t always apply to things like letters. If you’d like to be kept in the know whenever you have new mail in your mailbox, you might want to check out Ring’s new Mailbox Sensor, whose name is actually rather straightforward and telling.

The Ring Mailbox Sensor is designed to be placed on your mailbox outside of your home. Whenever the door to the mailbox is opened, you will get a notification to let you know that you might have gotten mail. This will be useful if you’re trying to keep an eye out for a particular letter that you’re expecting, or just mail in general.

However, it can also be useful if you think that someone might be snooping in on your mail because since it alerts you to when the mailbox’s door is open, if you’re home or have a home security camera, you can check to make sure that it’s being opened by someone authorized, like a postal service worker, or if it’s one of your nosey neighbors checking in on you.

The Ring Mailbox Sensor itself is priced at $30, but if you don’t have the bridge (which is required) you can get it together for $50.

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