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Google Pixel 5 preview: Everything we know so far

Google is pretty darn reliable in this department, sticking with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon flagship chip. But maybe not this year.

What if the Pixel 5 didn’t try to match Android flagship handsets on power… and quite likely price, for that matter? Earlier this year, 9to5Google got its hands on the Google Camera app from the then-widely-leaked Pixel 4a, and the source code pointed to a Pixel 5 running an upper mid-range processor: a Snapdragon 765G, which supports 5G but doesn’t have quite the same power onboard as the 800 series.

Further leaks point in the same direction, suggesting a Pixel 5 that might look and feel like a flagship phone, but is actually a bit lower-powered than last year’s model. Hey, if the price is right, then it might end up being a smart move from Google.

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