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Apple’s AirTags Accessory Will Have Enhanced Privacy Features

Bluetooth tracking accessories are useful if you’re someone who easily misplaces small items like keys, or if you want to make sure you don’t leave your bag behind at work, at home, or in school. However, due to their small and inconspicuous nature, there is a potential for abuse, where someone could easily slip a Bluetooth tracker into your bag and follow you home.

To address this potential problem with Apple’s upcoming rumored AirTags accessory, it seems that Apple is baking in some features and warnings. This was initially discovered in the iOS 14.3 beta by MacRumors’ Steve Moser, where a string reads, “If you feel your safety is at risk due to this item, contact your local law enforcement. You may need the serial number of this item.”

It also notes that users could be prompted when they’re in proximity with an unknown AirTag accessory, where they might see notifications telling them “Unknown accessory detected” and “This item has been moving with you for a while. The owner can see its location.” We’re not sure what kind of measures Apple has in place to stop an unknown accessory from tracking you, especially since it isn’t being controlled by you, but hopefully there will be options to somehow disable it or stop it from tracking you.

The AirTags accessory was originally rumored to be unveiled at Apple’s event earlier this week, but that did not happen. At this rate, there’s a good chance that the device could either be announced via press release or we might have to wait until early 2021 at Apple’s next event.

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