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Apple’s Acquisition Of Intel’s Modem Business Might Only Bear Fruit In 2023

With Apple acquiring Intel’s modem business back in 2019, it was widely expected that this would eventually result in Apple developing their own 5G modems that they would then use in their iPhones (or maybe even 5G capable MacBooks). However, it seems that Apple’s acquisition might only start bearing fruit in 2023.

This is based in a research note by Barclays analysts Blayne Curtis and Thomas O’Malley that was seen by MacRumors, in which the analysts believe that Apple’s own in-house 5G modem might only make an appearance in the iPhone 15 which is expected to launch in 2023. They also note that chipmaking companies such as Qorvo and Broadcom will be the ones to benefit from this move.

The 2023 date doesn’t sound too far-fetched it was back in 2020 that there was a report that claimed that Apple will be using Qualcomm’s modems up to 2023, which means that it’s only after that that we might be able to see Apple’s own modems in play. It is unclear what kind of progress Apple has made so far and if they’re simply waiting for the contract with Qualcomm to expire or if they might already have something in the works.

Apple has been steadily transitioning to more of its own in-house components over the years, with the most noticeable shift being the Apple Silicon chipset which they are using to replace Intel’s processors in their Mac computers.

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