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Apple Backtracks, Allows Amphetamine App to Remain in App Store

(Image: Amphetamine)

Amphetamine is a macOS app meant to keep Apple computers from entering sleep mode. But despite its cheeky moniker, it has nothing to do with the drug of the same name.

Apple apparently didn’t get the joke. After telling app creator William C. Gustafson that his app would be removed from the App Store without changing to its name, The Verge reports that the decision has been reversed.

Gustafson received an ultimatum on Dec. 29 that gave him two weeks to remove “all references” to “amphetamine” from his app. The image of a pill in the icon needed to go as well, or Amphetamine would face removal on Jan. 12.

Strangely, the app had been live for some time, with a 4.8 rating and nearly 450,000 downloads. But Apple’s support team warned Gustafson that the app name and icon included references to “controlled substances, pills,” which violated an App Store guideline regarding illegal substances. Apps that encourage the consumption or sale of drugs are a major no-no. Of course, given that the app does none of those things, it’s difficult to see how this removal was legit.

Gustafson told The Verge he had interacted with several Apple employees since his app went live. There were no objections or complaints about the app’s name or icon until recently. He appealed Apple’s decision to remove the app, though he wasn’t expecting a positive outcome.

On Saturday, Gustafson took to Twitter with the official word: Amphetamine is to remain on the App Store without any changes.

“Just got off a call with @Apple. Appeal accepted and Amphetamine will remain on the @AppStore,” he wrote. “Thank you all for your comments, opinions, and action.”

Apple has not responded to a request for comment. Amphetamine, however, remains alive and well, no rebranding required.

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